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Contract Flooring Magazine was established in 2004 and became a very successful online flooring industry publication. In December of 2014, important decisions were made and the go ahead given to rebrand Contract Flooring Magazine as Flooring News Today.
contract flooring magazine

Welcome to Flooring News Today, previously Contract Flooring Magazine


Contract Flooring Magazine is now ‘Flooring News Today’

Paul Stuart, founder of Contract Flooring Magazine and Flooring News Today:

The new website describes better the type of business we are, and direction we are taking in creating awareness of products and services for our flooring industry clients.

It is important for online flooring news websites to be aware of ever changing practices in the way information is delivered to its readers, and to keep updated with changes in news delivery technology.

So, here we are, Flooring News Today is a better flooring news website that reflects the above, and our tagline: Your flooring news matters! defines it all.

Want to read some flooring news? Here are our news categories:

Featured flooring news
Flooring manufacturer product updates
Flooring manufacturer, architect and floorlayer project reports
Floor laying tips and advice
Flooring installation courses and training information
Flooring events and exhibitions
Flooring news, in general

As always, I would like to thank all our clients and those that support our website. We are here for you and all in this sector of industry to use as a main flooring news outlet, just as Contract Flooring Magazine did before. There is no doubt FNT will be an important source of reference for this and vertical industries, as well as the general public.